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Cat Tailer

Mobile app for pet tracking
Cat Tailer is advanced Bluetooth Pet Tracker developed by Ambystoma Labs. SameBits developed mobile applications for this awesome project.

2 Dec 2016 #Bluetooth Pet Tracker

Caveman HD

Caveman HD is a classic lemings like game
Caveman is a game inspired by the classic Lemmings developed by Psygnosis released for Amiga in 1991. The game developed by http://mobile1up.com, SameBits did Android port of this cool game.

14 Nov 2016 #Game #Caveman #Lemmings

Feed Master iOS

FeedMaster is a tool for Instagram
Plan your new photos on Instagram and create a perfect feed with it! Manage your Instagram’s marketing campaigns and more

16 Aug 2016 #Photo #Instagram

Feed Master

FeedMaster is a marketing tool for Instagram
Feed Master is all-in-one a marketing, scheduler and preview tool for Instagram

4 Feb 2016 #Feed design #Instagram

Beacon Locator

application to scan and locate beacon
Scans, locates and tracks bluetooth LE beacons (Eddystone, iBeacons or AltBeacons) Allows define actions that will be triggered when a specified event occurs.

14 Jan 2016 #Beacon #EddyStone

Measure & Sketch

Sketching up your measures and dimensions on a photo.
The „Measure & Sketch“ drawing app helps you to sketching up your measures and dimensions on a photo.

12 Nov 2015 #Measure #Sketch

pe-SOS Alert

Gps trecking app with emergency alerts
Advanced Gps emergency tracking application developed for our cutomer “ticom Internetservices GmbH”. Works with low energy bluetooth devices.

9 Dec 2014 #GPS tracker #Emergency

Wind Meter

Wind speed (anemometer) on your phone
Wind Meter is sound based anemometer to estimate wind speed. It works by analyzing the sound of wind passing the device microphone.

4 Oct 2013 #Wind meter #Anemometer


ColorCode game
ColorCode is a free advanced MasterMind clone with lots of different game variants, from the very easy up to really challenging ones. You can combine any color count from 2-10 with any column count from 2-5 and allow or not pegs of the same color.

2 Feb 2013 #Game #MasterMind

In der Lift

Silvester Zwanevelds theater show 'In de Lift'
In de Lift is a second screen app to accompany comedian Silvester Zwanevelds theater show ‘In de Lift’. It enriches the theater experience by enabling the comedian to interact with the audience through polls, chats, open questions and more.

16 Jan 2013 #Show